Decoding Blackpool Tower

For over a century  Blackpool Tower has been one of the freemasonic Illuminati’s key buildings in the UK, slyly working itself into the soul with spells and enigmas to which it alone knows the key.   Rich in Illuminati and freemasonic history and symbology, it is currently run by a company owned by some of the most powerful figures in the Illuminati’s secret global network.

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Blackpool Tower

The Blackstone Tower?

In order to fully understand its significance as an Illuminati building and it’s freemasonic roots, let us first return to events of the recent past and the Tower’s acquisition  by Merlin Entertainments in 2011. But who are Merlin Entertainments exactly?


Merlin Entertainments Group are a UK-based company owned by US investment bankers The Blackstone Group who bought the company in 2005. The bankers take their name from prominent US Zionist William E. Blackstone,  who led a Zionist petition called “The Blackstone Memorial” which gathered signatures from such people as John D. Rockefeller and  J.P. Morgan lending their support to the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

A second Blackstone memorial was presented to US president Woodrow  Wilson after the Americans had entered WWI. This proved instrumental in acquiring the  British Balfour declaration. The Blackstone Group was co-founded by US billionaires Peter George Peterson and Stephen Schwarzman 20 years previously. Both have strong Illuminai ties.

Peter Peterson & Stephen Schwarzman

Chairman, CEO and co-founder  Stephen Schwarzman is a Zionist Jew with a face like scorched dough. He has overseen Blackstone’s investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in Israel. His name appears on the Illuminati Committee of 300. He is also a member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).– one of the key groups of the Illuminati power structure. One of the most powerful billionaires in the world, he blooms out invisible, free as disease.

Peterson meanwhile is a former Chairman of the CFR.  Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University and a member of the CFR, claimed in his book “Tragedy & Hope“:

The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England, and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established.”

Peterson inherited the position from John D Rockerfeller  III, founder of the Population Council, an international body which promotes the NWO’s global depopulation agenda. In 1969, he was invited by  Rockerfeller to chair a Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy, which became known as the Peterson Commission. His links with Rockerfeller don’t end there however. He currently serves as Trustee of the Rockefeller family‘s Japan Society and of their Museum of Modern Art, and was previously on the board of Rockefeller Center Properties, Inc:

Not of an Illuminati bloodline himself, he clings to them like a leech in a hurricane. Occasionally, flush with fresh blood, he reappears in denounce welfare spending in a skin-curdling voice like rats’ feet over broken glass.

John D. Rockerfeller III

In 2008 Peterson founded The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, It’s logo is a burning torch – a well known Illuminati symbol representing the torch of illumination. The symbol features variously  on the freemasonic Statue of Liberty, the Rockerfeller’s Standard Oil comapny logo, and between the horns of Baphomet:


If all this wasn’t proof enough of Blackstone’s Illuminati credentials, consider that a member of the International Advisory Board for the Blackstone Group is none other than chief ghoul Lord Jacob Rothschild. He is head of the Illuminati’s Bildeberg group and has called Putin “A traitor to the New World Order” The Rothschilds are the ruling family within the  Illuminati NWO. Lord Rothschild sits at it’s centre like a spider in a web.

Lord Jacob Rothschild

The Blackpool Eye (of Horus)

Two years after the Blackstone Group takeover, Merlin Entertainmants acquired the London Eye. It has since become a poster boy for the Illuminati.

The London Eye

It should have come as no surprise therefore when Merlin announced a similar plan for Blackpool Tower in 2011. The top of the Tower would henceforth become known as the  ‘Blackpool Tower Eye’ Like the Masonic “Eye of Providence” on the US dollar bill, the Blackpool Tower Eye logo was soon depicted surrounded by rays of light, The symbol first surfaced in ancient Egypt as the Eye of Horus and later became the symbol of secret societies in Europe, including the freemasonic Illuminati.

The philosophy of masonry is patently solar and, although it may not be strictly “monotheistic,” there can be little doubt that masons are, metaphysically speaking, primarily concerned with the veneration of light.

– Michael Tsarion, The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2


The location was perfect for the Illuminati enterprise as the apex of Blackpool Tower resembles a pyramid with 6 layers, replicating the heirachical pyramidal structure of ancient Egyptian society, from peasants a the bottom to the Pharoah at the apex.


The structural design that Merlin inherited  had been no accident of course. The Tower was a Masonic endevour from it’s very inception. being the pet project of former Blackpool mayor and freemason John Bickerstaffe – a member of Blackpool’s Clifton Lodge

Freemason John Bickerstaffe

While visiting the Great Paris Exhibition in 1889 Bickerstaffe had been inspired by the sight of the Eiffel Tower, built by fellow freemason Gustave Eiffel  (the same Gustave Eiffel who had provided the structural framework for the Statue of Libery, meant to represent Egyptian goddess Isis – an important Masonic figure).

The Bickerstaffes appear to have been quite the Masonic family unit. In 1891 Bickerstaffe’s brother Alderman Tom Bickerstaffe had come to  occupy the Master’s Chair at the Blackpool Masonic Lodge. It was during the same year the foundation stone for the Tower was laid by the Conservative Blackpool MP and Provincial Grand Master of Freemasons for Northumberland (1885–1900) Viscount Ridley.


A silver coin was struck to commemorate the occasion and presented to  Bickerstaffe:

The medal presented to Bickerstaffe and the ensign of his Masonic Lodge.Note the similarities and Satanic symbology.

Menwhile, as befits the consecration of a Masonic building. the The Lancaster Gazette reportd that “A silver trowel, an ivory mallet, and a gold medal commemorative of the day “ were presented to  Provincial Grand Master and Tory Blackpool MP Sir Matthew White Ridley (soon to become Home Secretary).

Masonic silver trowel

The Tower opened it’s doors in 1894. At that point the highest structure in the UK, the tower top represented the Illumaniti/freemasonic heirachical worldview, with themselves – the adepts – at the top and expendable pesaants at the bottom, here to be controlled and corralled by them with their superior knowledge and wisdom

The Illuminati society

Adverts for The Blackpool Eye depict the ‘peasants’ according – stood on the very bottom of the pyramid, they stare dumbly at the ground, distracted sufficiently to never inquire into the true nature  of reality. Standard wonders strike vacant faces and all’s well with the world.


Solomon’s Temple

In 2011 an addition to the promenade directly in front of the tower was unveiled – the so-called comedy carpet. Just as the War Memorial was in fact an Egyptian obelisk in honour of sun god Baal/Lucifer, so the TRUE MEANING of the Comedy carpet was kept from the public. It was in fact designed to resemble a plan of the original Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, intended to be viewable in it’s entirity  from The Blackpool Eye


The importance of Solomon’s Temple to freemasonry can’t be emphasised enough and it plays a central role in Masonic ritual and myth. In “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry“Albert Mackey, MD, 33rd and Charles T. McClenachan, 33rd state that:

Of all the objects which constitute the Masonic science of symbolism, the most important, the most cherished, by the Mason, and by far the most significant, is the Temple of Jerusalem. The spiritualizing of the Temple is the first, the most prominent and the most pervading, of all symbols of Freemasonry […] Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die


40 seats were placed around the edge of the carpet (i.e.Temple plan). This is a reference to the prophet  Ezekiels famous temple vision in Chapter 40 of the Book of Ezekiel, considered by many  freemasons to be a prophesy of the Third Temple. Western Freemasonry has long been determined to rebuild Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount. Hence their ardent Zionism.


Blackpool Tower and the number of the Beast

As monuments to the Luciferian Illuminati, Blackpool Tower and the Tower Eye also make hidden  use the 666 number. The Blackpool Eye is at a height of 148 metres.  The tower itself is 518 feet tall. Add these two number together and you arrive at the figure of 666!!


In addition, when  the tower first opened it’s doors  it was sixpence entry fee, sixpence more for a ride in the lifts to the top, and a further sixpence for the circus i.e. 666


From Horn to Hoof: Further proof

Above the stage in the Tower Ballroom is the inscription, “Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear” from  Venus and Adonis , supposedly Shakespeare’s first published poem  This is yet another freemasonic reference. The Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry and Kindred Sciences by Albert G. Mackey M. D. states that:

“An investigation of the Mysteries of Adonis peculiarity claims the attention of the Masonic student. First, because, in their symbolism and in their esoteric doctrine, the religious object for which they were instituted, and the mode in which that object is attained they bear a nearer analogical resemblance to the Institution of Freemasonry than do any of the other mysteries or systems of initiation of the ancient world”

The poem, which was published anonymously, many believe to have been written by Francis Bacon as  way of disseminting esoteric Masonic ideas. According to “The Lost Secret of Shakespeare”:

By design, the sumptuous language of Shakespeare was the perfect vehicle for espousing Masonic-Rosicrucian principles and ideology

In her book ‘Cannot Be Silenced’ Grace Baumgarten further claims that Bacon

had the vision of unifying the people and carrying the worship of Lucifer. The Chief of the Rosecrucians and the first Grand Master of Freemasonry, his secret knowledge was passed down to numerous societies throughout the ages…it appears that to this day Lucifer, the “Light bearer” is still secretly guiding the “Enlightened Elites” who were the Rosecrucians turned Illuminati.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was an English philosopher who defended the Scientific Revolution. In his most important work, Novum Organum, he proposed a rational method for scientific inquiry, one based on observation and experimentation. Colored Version of

Another source says of Bacon

it was he who first articulated and put in print the ancient plan for World Empire to be carried out by all the secret orders. The programme set forth by Bacon has thus been the driving force behind the course of events that have shaped the modern world and made the United States of America the driving force towards establishment of the New World Order.

As we have seen Blackpool Tower was  first concieved of by the Victorian inheritors of Bacon’s esoteric wisdom  and now lies in the hands of their modern-day Illuminati brethren, intent on making Bacon’s globalist Elizabethan daydream a reality..

This might be an uncomfortable thought,.but let us end on a note of hope  with a final Francis Bacon quote, which might yet use AGAINST the Illuminati and their global ambitions:



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